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Commissions Open !!

+ Commission Prices +

All prices are in USD!

Sketches - $10

Another Character - $5 (+4 Max)

Icons/Headshots - $15

Matching Icons - $10
One chacter per icon/headshot

Half Bodies - $30

Another Character - $20 (+2 Max)

Chibis - $20

Another Character - $10 (+3 Max)
You can request either normal or AC style chibis

Full Bodies - $45

Another Character - $25 (+2 Max)
Complex BG - $20+

Customs/Redesigns - $35

Ref Sheet Detail (w/ bonus headshot) - $25

Scenes - $60+

Pricing for adding characters, and other details, will need to be discussed for this commission option <3

Rules & Stuff

Will draw

-Lowkey Blood and Gore
-Candy/Pastel/etc.. Gore
-OCs and Cannon
-Ship art
-Nsfw (Custom prices, dm for details)

Won't draw

-Hardcore gore
-Vore / Inflation
-Certain Kinks and Fetishes
-Mecha/Extremely detailed robo parts

Rules & Whatnot

-Payment must be made before I start (Paypal USD)

-I only speak English (Consider language barriers)

-A reference to what I am drawing must be provided, even if it's just an MSPaint doodle (unless it's a custom com)

-Deadlines cost more!! Sorry ^^;;

-I have the right to refuse any commissions for any reason

-You may re-post the art you had done on other websites as long as I’m properly credited

-I will not make changes on detailed work after it’s 100% finished

-Base prices might change depending on the complexity of your character or commission.

-I highly encourage check-ins, so please feel free to do so through *Discord

-I do not allow refunds unless I have to cancel the commission myself for personal reasons, in which case you will be refunded 100% for the inconvenience.

-There's a chance that I might record the process of your sfw piece for YouTube if I need content, if you don't want your piece shared, please let me know before sending payment.
(As of right now, I am not accepting speedpaint requests)

By commissioning me you agree to all the above- even if you haven't read this. I am not held responsible for any misinterpretations of the rules, and I am not held responsible for you "not seeing" them - please ask me questions before sending payment. Thank you!

*If you would like to be updated on your commissioned work, please contact me on Discord: Wooden-Willow#2503 (and let me know if you do, so I know to accept)

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